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Calling a stored procedure

You can use the SQL transformation to call a stored procedure in a MySQL database or to process SQL queries midstream in a pipeline.
Before you configure stored procedures, you must specify the following property in the Runtime Advanced Connection Properties in the MySQL connection for stored procedures to work: NO_SSPS=1
Note: Informatica recommends that you create a separate MySQL connection and specify the property when you configure stored procedures.
You can then configure the SQL transformation to process the following types of SQL statements:
Stored procedure
Stored procedures reside in the database and run within the database. When you configure the SQL transformation to process a stored procedure, it passes input parameters to the stored procedure. The stored procedure passes the return value or values to the output fields of the transformation.
Note: The stored procedure definition must not contain Unicode characters.
Note: You cannot configure an unconnected stored procedure using the SQL transformation in a MySQL database.
SQL Query
You can configure the SQL transformation to process a saved query that you create in Data Integration or you can enter a query in the SQL editor.
Note: Stored function is not supported.
For more information about SQL transformations, see Transformations in the Data Integration help.