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Task flow for using MySQL CDC Connector

To use MySQL CDC Connector, create a source connection, mapping, and mapping task. Also create a target connection if one is not already defined.
Before you begin, in the Administrator, you must complete the prerequisite tasks. See Prerequisite tasks for using MySQL CDC Connector.
    1. In Administrator, create a source connection with the type of MySQL CDC. Test the connection.
    Alternatively, you can create a source connection in Data Integration when you configure a mapping.
    When you create a connection, you must set some connection properties that are specific to MySQL CDC Connector. For more information, see MySQL CDC connection properties.
    MySQL CDC Connector uses this connection to retrieve source metadata and change data records from PowerExchange.
    2. Create a target connection with a supported target type, if one is not already defined.
    3. In Data Integration, configure a mapping. Validate the mapping and then save it.
    4. Create a mapping task that is associated with the mapping.
    You can set optional CDC runtime properties and advanced session properties. For more information, see CDC runtime properties in mapping tasks and Advanced session properties in mapping tasks.
    5. Run the mapping task manually, or create a schedule to run it on a recurring basis. For more information, see Running a mapping task.
    6. Monitor the job status for the mapping task instance. For more information, see Monitoring a mapping task.
    If a job has the status of Failed or Warning, check the session log for related error or informational messages. Then try to correct the issues that caused the failure and restart the mapping task from the appropriate point in the change stream.