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MySQL CDC Connector usage scenario

Your organization needs to replicate real-time change data from a mission-critical MySQL production system to minimize intrusive, non-critical work, such as offline reporting or analytical operations, on that system.
You can use MySQL CDC Connector to connect to an on-premises PowerExchange CDC system from another Linux or Windows system where the Secure Agent is installed. MySQL CDC Connector components retrieve metadata about MySQL source tables and the change records that PowerExchange captured for these sources. The source metadata is stored in the Data Integration cloud. You can use the browser-based Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services interfaces to define MySQL CDC connections, mappings, and mapping tasks. When you run the mapping tasks, MySQL CDC Connector components in conjunction with Data Integration retrieve and process the change records that PowerExchange captured from the production database and transmit these change records to one or more targets. Multiple users can then access the latest data on the target systems.
By using MySQL CDC Connector, you reduce the workload on MySQL production systems while making accurate and up-to-date MySQL change data available to multiple users on less critical target systems. Also, you gain access to easy-to-use, browser-based interfaces for defining mappings and mapping tasks and running and monitoring mapping tasks.