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Introduction to MySQL CDC Connector

You can use MySQL CDC Connector to connect to a PowerExchange CDC environment to retrieve change records for registered MySQL source tables from the PowerExchange Logger for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
MySQL CDC Connector extracts change records from PowerExchange Logger for Linux, UNIX, and Windows log files and sends the change records to Data Integration. Data Integration can then transmit the change records to a supported target.
When you define mappings in Data Integration, you select the extraction maps that PowerExchange generated for MySQL source tables when you registered the tables. The MySQL CDC Connector metadata adapter can then retrieve the source metadata from the extraction maps and store this information in the cloud.
To extract source change records from PowerExchange Logger log files, you must run the mapping tasks that are associated with the mappings. A mapping task runs to the end-of-log (EOL) in the PowerExchange Logger log files and then stops. You can manually restart the mapping task from a specific point in the logs or create a schedule that runs the mapping task on a recurring basis. If the mapping task fails, MySQL CDC Connector can resume processing from the point of interruption based on recovery information that is stored on the target.
MySQL CDC Connector must be able to connect to an active PowerExchange CDC environment that includes the PowerExchange Logger. You do not need to copy the PowerExchange dbmover configuration file or PowerExchange Logger pwxccl configuration file to the MySQL CDC Connector system. For more information about configuring PowerExchange CDC for MySQL sources and the PowerExchange Logger, see the PowerExchange CDC Guide for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
MySQL CDC Connector works with the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent. When you install and start the Secure Agent, it downloads the MySQL CDC Connector components and PowerExchangeClient packages. When you define a runtime environment, you configure a Secure Agent group.
Note: MySQL CDC Connector does not work with the Hosted Agent.