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MRI Software connection properties

When you set up an MRI Software connection, you must configure the connection properties.
The following table describes the MRI Software connection properties:
Connection Name
Enter a name for the connection.
Optional. Enter a description for the connection.
Type of connection. Select MRISoftware.
Runtime Environment
The name of the runtime environment where you want to run the tasks.
Endpoint URL of the MRI Software application.
User name of the MRI Software application.
Password for the MRI Software application.
Client ID
The client ID created in the MRI Software application.
Database Name
Name of the MRI database.
Partner Key
The partner key provided by MRI Software.
API Type
The type of MRI Software API that you want to connect to.
Select one of the following options:
  • - Data Pipeline. Select to connect to the Data Pipeline API to read large amount of data.
  • - REST. Select to connect to the REST API.