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Prerequisites to configure SSL with serverless runtime environment

You can use the serverless runtime environment with Microsoft SQL Server Connector to connect to an SSL-enabled Microsoft SQL Server database.
Before you configure a secure Microsoft SQL Server connection using the serverless runtime environment, complete the following prerequisite tasks to add the SSL certificates to the serverless runtime location:
  1. 1. Create the following structure for the serverless agent configuration in AWS: <Supplementary file location>/serverless_agent_config
  2. 2. Add the truststore certificate in the Amazon S3 bucket in the following location in your AWS account: <Supplementary file location>/serverless_agent_config/SSL
  3. 3. Copy the following code snippet to a text editor:
  4. version: 1
    - fileCopy:
    sourcePath: SSL/<TrustStore_filename>

    where the source path is the directory path of the certificate file in AWS.
  5. 4. Ensure that the syntax and indentations are valid, and then save the file as serverlessUserAgentConfig.yml in the following AWS location: <Supplementary file location>/serverless_agent_config
  6. When the .yml file runs, the SSL certificate is copied from the AWS location to the serverless agent directory.
  7. 5. In the Microsoft SQL Server connection properties, specify the following certificate path in the serverless agent directory in the Trust Store field: /data2/home/cldagnt/SystemAgent/serverless/configurations/ssl_store/<cert_filename>