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Microsoft SQL Server targets in replication tasks

When you replicate data to a database target, the replication task truncates the table name in the target database when the source object name exceeds 64 characters.
The following table describes the target properties in a replication task:
Name of the target connection. Select a target connection or create a connection.
Target Prefix
String that prefixes the source object names to create names for the target objects in the target.
For more information, see “Table Name Truncation” in the Tasks help.
Enable Target Bulk Load
Uses Microsoft SQL Server bulk API.
When you replicate data from Salesforce to Microsoft SQL Server in bulk mode, the task fails. This issue occurs if you change the datatype, precision, or scale of a Salesforce field and re-run the task.
Load Type
Replicates full load of data from Microsoft SQL Server to other applications.
Delete Options
This property is not applicable for Microsoft SQL Server Connector.
You can also configure the commit size, which defines the number of rows to commit. If you do not specify a value, the Secure Agent uses the default value. The default value is 10000.