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Synchronization Task Example

You can create a synchronization task to read data from a Microsoft SharePoint source and write data to the Microsoft SharePoint target.
Perform the following task to create a synchronization task:
    1. In Data Integration, click New > Tasks.
    2. Select Synchronization Task, and click Create.
    The Definition tab appears.
    3. Configure the following fields on the Definition tab:
    Task Name
    Name of the synchronization task.
    Description of the synchronization task.
    Maximum length is 255 characters.
    Task Operation
    Select the task operation that you want to perform.
    4. Click Next.
    The Source tab appears.
    5. Specify the source Connection and Source Object to be used for the task.
    6. Click Next.
    The Target tab appears.
    7. Select the target Connection and Target Object required for the task.
    8. Click Next.
    The Data Filters tab appears.
    9. Select the filter object, filter field, and filter operator to create a data filter on the Data Filters page.
    10. Click Next.
    The Field Mapping tab appears.
    11. Click Automatch on the Field Mapping tab to map source fields to target fields accordingly.
    When you insert data in the document library object, you must specify the Name, Body, BodyLength, and ContentType fields.
    12. Click Validate Mapping to validate the mapping.
    13. Click Next.
    The Schedule tab appears where you can schedule the task for each requirement and save.
    14. Configure the advanced source properties on the Schedule tab.
    15. Click Save > Finish.
    16. Select the synchronization task from the Explore page and click Actions > Run.
    In the Monitor, you can monitor the status of the logs after you run the task.