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Microsoft SharePoint connection properties

When you create a Microsoft SharePoint connection, you must configure the connection properties.
The following table describes the Microsoft SharePoint connection properties:
Connection Name
Enter the Microsoft SharePoint connection.
Provide a relevant description for the connection.
Select the type of connection as Microsoft SharePoint connection.
Runtime Environment
Runtime environment that contains the Secure Agent used to access Microsoft SharePoint.
Enter the Microsoft SharePoint account username.
Enter the Microsoft SharePoint account password.
SharePoint URL
Enter the URI for the data source exposed via OData protocol layer. All requests are extensions of this URI. For example, Site/_vti_bin/Data.svc
UTC Offset
Select the UTC time offset to be appended with datetime field. The default value is UTC.
When you use the $LastRuntime variable in a data filter, use the time zone to offset the $LastRuntime variable.
Attachment File Path
Optional. Specify the folder path where you want to download and attach the file to Microsoft SharePoint.
Batch Size
Defines the number of rows to be fetched from Microsoft SharePoint server.
Enable Logging
Select the checkbox to enable logging.