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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The following section lists out the frequently asked questions and answers:
Which versions are currently supported by Microsoft SharePoint?
Microsoft SharePoint currently supports version 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.
What set up should be performed on Microsoft SharePoint to work with Data Integration and Secure Agent?
Note: For relevant documentation for Microsoft Sharepoint 2013, see
Does Microsoft SharePoint require Windows authentication?
If the Microsoft SharePoint server is configured to use Windows authentication and User identity in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), then you must start the Secure Agent with Windows/AD user account. The same account which has relevant access to Microsoft SharePoint server.
Perform the following steps to restart the agent:
  1. 1. Select Services program.
  2. 2. In Services, search for Informatica Cloud Secure Agent.
  3. 3. Right click Informatica Cloud Secure Agent and select Properties.
  4. Informatica Cloud Secure Agent Properties page appears.
  5. 4. Select Log On tab.
  6. 5. Select This account.
  7. 6. Specify account name and Password as show in the previous figure.
  8. 7. Click OK.
  9. Note: In case of Windows authentication, the username and password entered as connection parameters, have no impact on the authentication of connection. As these parameters are mandatory, you can enter dummy values.
Which fields are supported for mapping?