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Dynamic schema handling

You can choose how Data Integration handles changes that you make to the data object schemas. To refresh the schema every time the mapping task runs, you can enable dynamic schema handling in the task.
A schema change includes one or more of the following changes to the data object:
Configure schema change handling on the Schedule page when you configure the task.
The following table describes the schema change handling options:
Default. Data Integration refreshes the schema when you edit the mapping or mapping task, and when Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is upgraded.
Data Integration refreshes the schema every time the task runs.
You can choose from the following options to refresh the schema:
  • - Alter and apply changes. Data Integration applies the following changes from the source schema to the target schema:
    • - New fields: Alters the target schema and adds the new fields from the source.
    • - Renamed fields: Adds renamed fields as new columns in the target.
    • - Data type and precision updates. Applies these changes to the target.
    • - Deleted fields: Ignores deleted fields.
  • - Don't apply DDL changes. Data Integration does not apply the schema changes to the target.
  • - Drop current and recreate. Drops the existing target table and then recreates the target table at runtime using all the incoming metadata fields from the source.
For more information, see the "Schema change handling" topic in Tasks in the Data Integration help.

Rules and guidelines for dynamic schema handling

Consider the following rules and guidelines when you enable dynamic schema change handling for mappings and elastic mappings:
Elastic mappings