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Marketo Mapping Task Example

You work for a marketing organization and business analysts in your organization want to export all Marketo lead activities. You want to review the lead activities in an analytics tool.
Configure a mapping task to use the insert operation. You use the following objects in the Marketo mapping:
Source object
The source object for a mapping task is a Marketo LeadActivity. Use the Marketo connection to connect to Marketo and read data from Marketo. The LeadActivity object is a single source in the mapping task.
Specify the ActivityType IDs of interest. For example,12,13. The ActivityType IDs may differ by Marketo subscription. Specify the Since Date Time in the advanced source properties of the mapping task.
Target object
Use the .csv file as the target object in the mapping task. The target in a mapping task is a flat file. The target includes the activityId, activityDate, activityTypeId, primaryAttributeValueId, primaryAttributeValue, attributeName, attributeValue, and id fields.
Map the fields of the Marketo LeadActivity source to the flat file target.
The following image shows the Marketo mapping:
The following image shows the mapped fields of Marketo source with the flat file target object:
When you run the mapping, the Secure Agent writes the lead activities to the flat file based on the fields you mapped in the mapping task.