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Introduction to Marketo

Marketo is marketing automation software that you can use to create, automate, and measure campaigns across marketing channels with prospects and customers.
You can use Marketo to stimulate interest of leads in a product or service. Leads are qualified prospects who show buying behavior. You can track and measure the interest that a lead shows in a product or service. Marketo gives you detailed statistics on leads and their activities on Marketo pages, emails, and websites. Marketers gain analytic insights to understand which lead activity results in opportunities. Marketo assets include lists that help you understand which of the leads you want to target with the campaign. You can create a campaign for a specific set of leads from a program that contains all the marketing efforts. A campaign serves a specific goal within a program, and helps you choose a group of leads whose activities you can monitor.
Marketo helps you interact and respond with the targeted leads through dynamically generated and personalized communications in real time, engage the leads, and nurture them into customers.
Marketing teams can use Marketo to manage marketing activities across global teams in a single centralized marketing calendar.