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LDAP targets

You can use an LDAP object as a target in a synchronization task, mapping task, or mapping.
You can insert, update, and delete data from LDAP targets. When you configure the advanced target properties, you configure properties specific to LDAP.

Configure update strategy

You can configure the update strategy for a target object when you want to write data to an LDAP directory server.
When you set the update strategy, the updates the rows in the LDAP directory server based on the option you choose. You can define the update strategy options in the Advanced properties of a .
You can set one of the following update strategy options:
Update as Update
When you configure Update as Update, the updates all rows flagged for update if the entries exist.
Update else Insert
When you configure Update else Insert, the first updates all rows flagged for update if the entries exist in the target. If the entries do not exist, the inserts the entries.