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LDAP Connector overview

You can use LDAP Connector to connect to a Microsoft Active Directory server from Data Integration. You can read and integrate data from LDAP directory servers or other applications, transform the data, and write data to LDAP directory servers or other applications.
Use LDAP Connector to connect to an LDAP directory server, browse metadata, and import source and target objects into Data Integration. You can use LDAP data objects in synchronization tasks, mapping tasks, or mappings.
The LDAP data objects represent metadata for LDAP entries. The Secure Agent uses the JNDI APIs to connect to the LDAP directory server and read and write data based on the operation you specify.


You work in the Human Resources department and you manage employee information. Your organization had a recent acquisition and you want to synchronize the data from the third-party LDAP directory service to the Microsoft Active Directory of your organization. Use LDAP Connector to synchronize the list of employees, aliases, roles provisioned to users, profile information, contacts, and calendar resources to Active Directory.