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JIRA sources in mappings

When you create a mapping, you can configure the source properties to use JIRA objects to read the data from your JIRA account. The source properties appear on the Source tab when you specify a JIRA connection.
The following table describes the JIRA source properties.
Source Property
Connection Type
Name of the JIRA source connection.
Source Type
Select Single or Multiple as the source type. Select Single to read data from a standard JIRA object. Select Multiple to read data from a standard JIRA object and add a single child object.
Source Object
Select the JIRA source object for the task.
The following table describes the query options that you can configure in a Source transformation:
Filter value in a read operation. Click Configure to add conditions to filter records and reduce the number of rows that the Secure Agent reads from the source.
Select Not Parameterized filter condition and use a basic filter to specify the object, field, operator, and value to select specific records.
You can use advanced filters to execute search queries that contain complex filter expressions.
Not applicable.
The following table describes the advanced properties that you configure for a JIRA source object:
Source Filter
The filter to be applied when you query an entity.
Sorted Ports
The ports used to sort the source data.
Maximum Page Size
The maximum number of records read from JIRA in a page.
Read Time Out
The timeout value in milliseconds for a read operation. For example, 1000 milliseconds
Read Retry Count
The retry value for a read operation.