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JDBC V2 connection properties

When you set up a JDBC V2 connection, you must configure the connection properties.
The following table describes JDBC V2 connection properties:
Connection property
Runtime Environment
The name of the runtime environment where you want to run the tasks.
You can specify a Secure Agent for a mapping. Specify a Secure Agent or a serverless runtime environment for an elastic mapping.
User Name
The user name to connect to the database.
The password for the database user name.
Schema Name
Optional. The schema name.
If you do not specify the schema name, all the schemas available in the database are listed.
JDBC Driver Class Name
Name of the JDBC driver class.
To connect to Aurora PostgreSQL, specify the following driver class name: org.postgresql.Driver
For more information about which driver class to use with specific databases, see the corresponding third-party vendor documentation.
Connection String
Connection string to connect to the database.
Use the following format to specify the connection string: jdbc:<subprotocol>:<subname>
For example, the connection string for the Aurora PostgreSQL database type is jdbc:postgresql://<host>:<port>[/dbname]
For more information about the connection string to use with specific drivers, see the corresponding third-party vendor documentation.
Database Type
The database type to which you want to connect.
You can select from the following database types:
  • - PostgreSQL. Connect to the Aurora PostgreSQL database hosted in the Amazon Web Services or the Microsoft Azure environment.
  • - Azure SQL Database. Connect to Azure SQL Database hosted in the Microsoft Azure environment.
  • - Others. Connect to any database that supports the Type 4 JDBC driver.
Support Mixed-Case Identifiers
Indicates whether the database supports case-sensitive identifiers.
When enabled, the Secure Agent encloses all identifiers within the character selected for the SQL Identifier Character property.
SQL Identifier Character
Type of character that the database uses to enclose delimited identifiers in SQL queries. The available characters depend on the database type.
Select None if the database uses regular identifiers. When the Secure Agent generates SQL queries, it does not place delimited characters around any identifiers.
Select a character if the database uses delimited identifiers. When the Secure Agent generates SQL queries, it encloses delimited identifiers within this character.