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Hive Connector administration

To enable Hive Connector, contact Informatica Global Customer Support.
Within an organization, you cannot enable licenses for more than one Hadoop distribution. If you want to use multiple Hadoop distributions, you must create separate sub-organizations for each Hadoop distribution that you want to use and assign a license for the Hadoop distribution. You can also switch from one Hadoop distribution license to another within a sub-organization.
To switch from one Hadoop distribution license to another, you must perform the following tasks:
  1. 1. In Administrator, select Organization.
  2. 2. Click Sub-Organizations.
  3. 3. Select the sub-organization for which you want to switch the Hadoop distribution.
  4. 4. Click Licenses.
  5. 5. In the Custom Licenses section, disable the license for the currently active Hadoop distribution.
  6. 6. Delete the existing Hadoop distribution package folder and the hadoop distribution .checksum file from the following directory:
  7. <Secure Agent installation directory>/downloads
  8. 7. On the Licenses page, select the license for the Hadoop distribution package that you want to use for the sub-organization.
  9. 8. Restart the Secure Agent.