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Google PubSub targets in mappings

To publish message to a Google PubSub target, configure a Google PubSub object as a Target transformation in a mapping.
Specify the name and description of the Google PubSub target. You can configure the target and advanced properties for the target object.
Data Integration supports topics_Create, topics_SetIamPolicy, topics_TestIamPermissions, topics_publish, subscriptions_Create, subscriptions_Seek, subscriptions_SetIamPolicy, subscriptions_TestIamPermissions, subscriptions_ModifyAckDeadline, subscriptions_ModifyPushConfig, snapshots_Create, snapshots_TestiamPolicy, snapshot_SetIamPolicy, topics_Delete, subscriptions_Delete, snapshots_Delete, topics_Update, subscription_Update, and snapshots_Update objects for Google PubSub targets.
The following table describes the properties that you can configure for a Google PubSub target:
Name of the Google PubSub target connection.
Target Type
Type of the Google PubSub target objects available. You can publish messages to a single Google PubSub target object.
Note: You cannot publish message to multiple objects or parameterize a Google PubSub target object.
Name of the Google PubSub target object.
Select insert or delete as the target operation. You cannot perform update or upsert operations on a Google PubSub object.
Specifies the topic where you want to publish the message.
Appears only when you select topics_publish as the target object.