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Introduction to Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a web service that allows global storage and retrieval of large volumes of data at any time.
You can use Google Cloud Storage to stream multimedia, store custom data analytics pipelines, or distribute large data objects to users through direct download. You can write data to Google Cloud Storage for data backup. In the event of a database failure, you can read the data from Google Cloud Storage and restore it back to the database.
Google Cloud Storage offers different storage classes based on factors such as data availability, latency, and price.
Google Cloud Storage comprises the following components:
The following image shows how data can be organized in Google Cloud Storage:
The image shows how data can be organized in Google Cloud Storage.
You can use the following components to write to Google Cloud Storage:
In Google Cloud Storage, all resources are stored within a project. Project is a top-level container that stores billing details and user details. You can create multiple projects. A project has a unique project name, project ID, and project number.
Each bucket acts like a container that stores data. You can use buckets to organize and access data. You can create more than one bucket but you cannot nest buckets.
You can create multiple folders within a bucket and you can also nest folders.
You can define access control lists to manage objects and buckets. An access control list consists of permission and scope entries. Permission defines the access to perform a read or write operation. Scope defines a user or a group who can perform the operation.
Objects comprise the data that you upload to Google Cloud Storage. You can create objects in a bucket. Objects consist of object data and object metadata components. The object data is a file that you store in Google Cloud Storage. The object metadata is a collection of name-value pairs that describe object qualities.