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Data Filters

Data filters help you to fetch specific data of a particular object. The synchronization task will process the data based on the filter field assigned to the object.
Note: You cannot use Advanced Data Filters with FileIo Connector.
Note: Data filter operator Ends With is in feature enhancement mode. It will be available in the future release.
Follow the steps given below to set data filters:
    1. In the Synchronization Task wizard, select Data Filters tab.
    The Data Filters tab appears.
    2. Click Newas shown in the following figure.
    The Data Filter dialog box appears.
    3. Specify the following details.
    Field Type
    Select the object for which you want to assign filter fields.
    Filter By
    Select the Filter Field.
    Select the corresponding operator.
    Filter Value
    Enter the Filter value.
    4. Click Ok.