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Schema File

You can define the schema for a File List connection that you want to import as a source or target object in Data Integration. You can use schema file to optimize the functionality of File List Connector.
File List Connector uses the schema file to determine the start and end of a column or data types in fixed-width and delimited files.
The following image shows a sample schema file present in the <Secure Agent installation directory>\apps\Data_Integration_Server\ext\deploy_to_main\tomcat\plugins\<plugin ID> directory:
The following table describes the properties of the schema file:
Enter the required width to generate a fixed-width file.
Enter Y or N accordingly to the requirement.
Enter required data type.
File List Connector supports the following data types:
  • - Integer
  • - Decimal
  • - String
  • - Boolean
  • - Datetime
  • - Date
  • - Double
  • - Float
  • - Binary
  • - Short
  • - Long
  • - Bigint
Enter the required precision value.
Enter the required scale value.
Enter the required field display name.
This name appears when you select the Display technical names instead of labels option in data preview.
The following image shows an example of field display name:
In this figure Col1 and Col2 are the FLD_DISPLAY_NAME values.
Enter the required field name.
The name appears when you do not select the Display technical names instead of labels option in data preview.
Schema file do not support FLD_DESCRIPTION field.