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Using the Data Filters

You can use data filters to fetch specific data of a particular object. The synchronization task processes the data based on the filter field assigned to the object.
Note: Dropbox Connector does not support advanced data filters.
    1. In a synchronization task, select Data Filters tab.
    The Data Filters tab appears.
    2. Click New.
    The image displays tab. Select the option.Data FiltersNew
    The Data Filter dialog box appears. The image displays the dialogue box with filter fields.
    3. Specify the following details:
    Field Type
    Object for which you want to assign filter fields
    Filter By
    Lists all filter fields. Select the Filter Field
    Functional Operators. Select Equals operator. The current release supports only the Equals operator .
    Filter Value
    Specific value to filter. Enter a filter value
    The Filter by field contains following attributes:
    Attributes of Filter by Field
    The path from where you want to download the source file in Dropbox.
    Downloads the file content in binary format when you set the attribute to true.
    Lists the version or revision of the files specified in the filter value.
    Searches and downloads files from Dropbox. Specify the search query as .txt or .jar to download text or jar files, respectively.
    4. Click OK.