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Upgrading to a new version of PowerExchange

The connector can capture data from only a single version of PowerExchange. If you upgrade your on-premise environment to a later supported PowerExchange version, use this task to move your Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Data Integration CDC connections to the new PowerExchange environment.
    1. Upgrade the PowerExchange installation. For more information, see the PowerExchange Installation and Upgrade Guide.
    2. In Monitor, open the Running Jobs page.
    3. Make sure that any running mapping tasks that connect to the previous PowerExchange version run to completion, or stop the task if necessary.
    4. Stop the Secure Agent that is specified in the connection configuration for any connection to the previous PowerExchange version.
    5. In Data Integration, edit the connections to point to the new PowerExchange version.
    6. If necessary, edit the mapping task configurations to specify the appropriate connection to the new version of the PowerExchange CDC environment.
    7. Start the mapping tasks again, when appropriate.