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Monitoring a mapping task

After you run a mapping task, you can check the job status for the task to determine if the job succeeded, completed with warnings, or failed. If the job failed or ended with a warning, you can view the session log for the job to identify the error or warning conditions.
Each time a user or schedule starts a CDC mapping task, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services creates a job to run the task.
    1. To view a list of mapping task jobs, use one of the following methods:
    2. On the My Jobs, All Jobs, or Running Jobs page, review the information about the jobs you're interested in. The following information is displayed by default and shown for each job instance:
    Tip: You can change the columns that are displayed by right-clicking the column-heading area and selecting or deselecting column names in the list.
    For more information about a job, click the job name to open a page that contains job details and a download link for the session log. You can also download the session log by moving the cursor to the right end of the row for a job and clicking the Download Log icon.
    3. If the job state is Failed or Warning, gather more information about the error or warning condition in the following ways:
    If possible, correct the error or warning condition and then restart the job. To restart the job from the Jobs or My Jobs page, move the cursor to the right end of the row for the job and click the Restart icon. If you set the Recovery Strategy session property to Resume from last checkpoint, the job restarts extraction processing from the recovery point that is recorded in the state table or state file on the target system to ensure that no change data is lost.