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Administration of Concur V2 Connector

As a user, you can use Concur V2 Connector after an organization administrator performs the following tasks:

Register Partner Application

Concur uses the OAuth authorization protocol to enable applications to access web services in Concur. Register a partner application with Concur to receive the authorization keys to make web service calls in Concur.
    1. Log in to the Concur Solutions web page.
    2. Select Administration > Company > Web Services.
    The Partner Application Administration page appears.
    3. Click Register Partner Application.
    The Application Registration page appears.
    4. Click New.
    The New Partner Application dialog box appears.
    5. Enter a name and description of the partner application.
    6. Select Active.
    7. Select one or more APIs that you want to include for the partner application.
    8. The company domain, key, and secret appear in the Application Authorization section.
    Make a note of the key to specify the consumer key value when you create a Concur V2 connection.
    9. Optionally, click New Secret if you want to change the secret.
    10. Click OK.
The partner application appears in the Application Registration page.