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Introduction to Chatter

Chatter software connects employees within an organization. You can share knowledge, files, and data. You can also choose to follow individuals users and groups, and receive status updates.
You can use Chatter Connector for collaborative features such as real-time feed updates, user profiles, and feeds.
Chatter Connector user profile helps you to share important information about yourself, and helps other users to learn more about you. You can update your user profile, click the Profile tab within the Salesforce Chatter Application to update your user profile.
You can track feeds with real-time notification for changes to a particular object. The system administrator tracks feeds through Chatter system and customizes feed tracking on an object and field basis.
You can create groups and collaborate between a set of users with Chatter Connector.
For example, if you are working on a project and you want to share information exclusively with your team members, you can create a Chatter group for your team. Chatter Groups can be Public or Private. You can create and join a Public Group. However, you have to ask the Group owner for permission to join a Private Group.
You can also identify the people, groups, and records that closely relate to your job and interests with Chatter recommendations. In addition, users can also like a Chatter post, share files with selected users and view trending topics.