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Configuring the Proxy Settings on Windows

If your organization uses an outgoing proxy server to connect to the internet, the Secure Agent connects to Data Integration through the proxy server. You can configure the proxy server settings for the Secure Agent on a Windows machine through the Secure Agent Manager or the ProxySettings.ini file.

Configuring Proxy Settings through Secure Agent Manager

Perform the following steps to enable proxy server through the Secure Agent Manager:
    1. Click Start > All Programs > Informatica Cloud Secure Agent > Informatica Cloud Secure Agent to launch the Secure Agent Manager.
    You can also click the Data Integration icon in the Windows taskbar notification area to open the Secure Agent Manager.
    The Secure Agent Manager displays the Secure Agent status.
    2. Click Proxy in the Secure Agent Manager page.
    3. Click Use a Proxy Server to enter proxy server settings.
    4. Configure the following proxy server details:
    Proxy Host
    Required. Host name of the outgoing proxy server that the Secure Agent uses.
    Proxy Port
    Required. Port number of the outgoing proxy server.
    User Name
    User name to connect to the outgoing proxy server.
    Password to connect to the outgoing proxy server.
    5. Click OK.
    The Secure Agent Manager restarts the Secure Agent to apply the settings.

Configuring Proxy Settings through ProxySettings.ini File

The Secure Agent creates the ProxySettings.ini file when you test the connection.
Perform the following steps to enable the proxy server flag in the ProxySettings.ini file:
    1. Copy the ProxySettings.ini file from the following directory:
    <Secure Agent installation directory>\downloads\<latest connector package>\package\plugins\Chatter\
    2. Paste the ProxySettings.ini file to the following directory:
    <Secure Agent installation directory>\apps\Data_Integration_Server\ext\deploy_to_main\bin\rdtm-extra\Chatter\
    Note: If the deploy_to_main\bin\rdtm-extra\Chatter\ directory does not already exist, create the directory.
    3. Restart the Secure Agent.
    4. Set the value of the setProxy field to true to enable the proxy. By default, the value is false.
    The following image shows an example of ProxySettings.ini file: