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AS2 overview

Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) is a method used to securely send and receive files over the internet.
AS2 messages are in MIME format. AS2 messages can be compressed, signed, encrypted, and then sent over an SSL tunnel, making AS2 a secure option for transferring files.
To help secure AS2 data transfer using encryption and digital signatures, you must have the appropriate certificates. AS2 uses SSL certificates for encrypting and signing messages. Partners sign their public certificate signatures with a private key. You must import the partner public certificate into your trusted certificate keystore. When you configure an AS2 connection, you associate the remote partner AS2 server and trading partner certificates with the connector.
Messages can be signed and encrypted, but do not have to be. Signed AS2 messages allow the recipient to verify that the message originated from a trusted trading partner.
AS2 implements Message Disposition Notification (MDN) receipts to confirm that a file was delivered intact. An MDN is an electronic return receipt that a trading partner can optionally request during a file transfer. The use of MDNs help enforce data integrity and non-repudiation in AS2. If the partner AS2 message requests an MDN, upon receipt of the message and successful signature validation if needed, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services sends a "success" MDN back to the sender.