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AS2 Connector

Use AS2 Connector to create connections to AS2 servers to facilitate sending files to external partners. You can also configure an AS2 server to receive files from external partners.
To send files to an AS2 server, configure an AS2 connection. When you configure the AS2 connection, you specify the runtime environment that determines which Secure Agent executes the file transfer. After you configure the AS2 connection, you can use the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services REST API to send the files to the AS2 server.
For example, you work with a partner and want to send EDI messages to the partner's AS2 server. You use AS2 Connector to define the relevant partner connection. You send a POST request using the sendfiles REST API resource to transfer the EDI messages to the defined AS2 partner connection.
To receive AS2 files from an external partner, configure your organization's file server associated with the File Integration Service to securely communicate with the AS2 server. The File Integration Service is a Secure Agent service that runs advanced file transfer protocols such as AS2.