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Upgrade the connection type

If you are accessing Amazon S3 using the Amazon S3 V1 connection, you can upgrade to the newer Amazon S3 V2 Connector. You can replace the source or target connection type in existing mappings and mapping tasks that use the Amazon S3 connection with the Amazon S3 V2 connection.
After you replace the connection in an existing mapping, the object selected previously is not retained. You must reimport the Amazon S3 object. The configured advanced source, target, and lookup properties in the fields that are common between the two connectors are retained in the new connector. You also have the option to retain the configured field mappings from the old connector.
You can run the mapping successfully using the configured values from the old connector. You can additionally configure features that the enhanced Amazon S3 V2 Connector offers.
Note: If you are using the Amazon S3 V1 connection in mappings to read from or write data to Amazon S3, Informatica recommends you to use the Amazon S3 V2 connection to make use of the features that the enhanced connector offers. To get the license for Amazon S3 V2 Connector, contact Global Customer support.