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Amazon DynamoDB Connector overview

You can use Amazon DynamoDB Connector to connect Data Integration and Amazon DynamoDB tables. Amazon DynamoDB Connector enables you to read data from and write data to Amazon DynamoDB tables.
Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that you can use to create database tables where you can store structured and unstructured data.
When you read data from or write data to Amazon DynamoDB tables, you can specify the Hosted Agent or Secure Agent. Create an Amazon DynamoDB connection to specify the location of Amazon DynamoDB sources, lookups, and targets you want to include in a task. You can use the Amazon DynamoDB connection in synchronization tasks, mappings, and mapping tasks. Create a synchronization task to synchronize data between a source and target. Create a mapping task to process data based on the data flow logic defined in a mapping or integration template.


You work in a marketing firm and business analysts in your organization need to analyze trends based on tweets on Twitter.
You use Amazon DynamoDB Connector to consolidate the tweets from different users and store the unstructured data in Amazon DynamoDB tables.