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Amazon Aurora sources in mapping

To read data from an Amazon Aurora database, configure an Amazon Aurora object as the Source transformation in a mapping. Configure partitioning when you configure the Source transformation in the Mapping Designer to optimize the performance of the mapping task.
Specify the name and description of the Amazon Aurora source. Configure the source, query options, and advanced properties for the source object.
The following table describes the source properties that you can configure for an Amazon Aurora source:
Name of the Amazon Aurora source connection.
Source Type
Type of the Amazon Aurora source object available. You can choose from the following source types:
  • - Single
  • - Multiple
  • - Query
  • - Parameter
Name of the Amazon Aurora source object.
A simple filter includes a field name, operator, and value. Use an advanced filter to define a more complex filter condition, which can include multiple conditions using the AND or OR logical operators.
Select distinct rows only
Select this option to extract only distinct rows.
When you configure a mapping, you can configure the advanced target properties. The following table describes the Amazon Aurora advanced target properties:
Tracing level
Amount of detail that appears in the log for this transformation. You can choose terse, normal, verbose initialization, or verbose data. Default is normal.
Pre-SQL command to run before reading data from the source.
Post SQL
Post-SQL command to run after writing data to the target.
Output is Deterministic
When you configure this property, the Secure Agent does not stage source data for recovery if transformations in the pipeline always produce repeatable data.
Output is repeatable
When the output is deterministic and the output is repeatable, the Secure Agent does not stage the source data for recovery.