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Advanced SFTP V2 Connector overview

Advanced SFTP V2 Connector enables you to securely transfer to and from SFTP servers.
When you transfer files to and from an SFTP server, you can specify the Secure Agent. When you use SFTP objects in file ingestion tasks, you configure properties specific to SFTP.
Create an Advanced SFTP V2 connection and use the connection as a source or as a target in file ingestion tasks.
When you create an Advanced SFTP V2 connection, you specify the runtime environment that contains the Secure Agent. Create an Advanced SFTP V2 connection to specify the location of SFTP sources or targets that you want to include in a file ingestion task.
When you run a file ingestion task, the Secure Agent transfers files to or from an SFTP server, based on the task and the Advanced SFTP V2 connection configuration. The Secure Agent connects and reads files from and writes files to the SFTP server through a TCP/IP network.
When you use an Advanced SFTP V2 source in a file ingestion task, you can schedule the task to receive notifications from a file listener.


You work for an organization that stores audit trail logs in an on-premises SFTP server. You need to move data from the on-premises SFTP site to an affordable cloud-based environment. Create a file ingestion task to read all the audit trail logs from the SFTP server and write them to an Amazon S3 target.