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Source transformation in mappings

In a mapping, you can configure a Source transformation to represent Business 360 assets.
The following table describes the Business 360 source properties that you can configure in a Source transformation:
Enter the source name.
Enter a description for the source.
Choose a Business 360 connection to read data from the Business 360 data store.
Source Type
Type of the source object. Select Single Object.
Select the asset from which you want to read the data.
Note: You can select business entities and relationships as the source object. You cannot select Reference 360 assets and hierarchies as the source object.
Field Mapping
Drag the required fields from Response Structure to the Output Fields. The response structure lists the Business 360 assets that are available in the source. You can map the required assets to the output fields.
View all the fields. You can edit the metadata of the source fields that you want to use in the mapping.