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Introducing Informatica Cloud® Data Integration

Informatica Intelligent Cloud ServicesSM is an integration platform as a service (iPaas) that includes multiple cloud data management products designed to accelerate productivity and improve speed and scale.
Informatica Cloud® Data Integration is one of several services available in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services. Data Integration is an on-demand subscription service that provides a complete platform for cloud integration and data management. You can use Data Integration to build and run advanced, complex integrations using pre-built functions and templates for mappings and transformations. Data Integration has the features you need to create a variety of data integration projects to fit your business needs.
When you log in to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, the My Services page displays the Data Integration service and services that apply to data integration. The My Services page might also include other services that you subscribe to and trial versions of other services.
The following services apply to data integration:
The My Services page shows the Informatica Ingelligent Cloud services that you can use.
You might want to use other services with Data Integration, for example, Application Integration, Data Quality, Cloud Integration Hub, or Operational Insights.