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Explore page

Use the Explore page to work with your Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services projects and assets.

Finding projects and assets on the Explore page

Use any of the following methods to find your projects and assets on the Explore page:
You can see projects, folders, and assets for all of the services that you use. If you select an asset to open it or perform an action, and the asset is created in a different service than the one you have open, the service opens in a new browser tab.
The following characters cannot be used on the Explore page:
# ? ' | { } " ^ & [ ] / \

Working with projects and assets on the Explore page

Perform actions on projects, folders, and assets on the Explore page. To see what actions you can perform on an object, in the row that contains the object, click the Actions icon, as shown in the following image:
A mapping is highlighted on the Explore page and the Actions menu for the mapping displays a list of options such as View, Edit, Run, and Rename.
The Actions menu lists the actions you can perform based on your user role privileges and the permissions specified for the selected object. For example, your user role might have privileges to view and run tasks but not to delete tasks. You might not have permission to run a particular task because of the permissions set by the creator of the task.
You can also perform an action on multiple objects at one time. Select the check box to the left of each object, or select the Select All check box to select all of the objects that are displayed on the current page. The following image shows the Select All check box in use:
The Select All check box is to the left of the Name column label on the Explore page. All of the assets on the page are selected.
After you select the objects, click Actions in the row of any of the selected objects. The Actions menu will list the actions available for the selected assets based on your user role and privileges.
Alternatively, you can use the Selection menu to choose the action, as shown in the following image:
The selection menu link displays the number of objects selected and the selection menu lists the options you can perform on the selected objects such as Select None, Copy To, Move To, Export, and Delete.

Customizing the Explore page

You can display, hide, or rearrange columns on the Explore page. To display or hide columns, right-click the column heading area and select or clear the column headings in the list. The headings in the list depend on whether projects, assets, or tags are in view on the Explore page.
In the following example, the Updated By, Created On, and Created By columns will be hidden when All Projects is selected:
The properties menu shows a list of object properties to display on the Explore page. Properties currently displayed on the Explore page have a check mark to the left of the property name. In this image Name, Type, and Updated On are checked so they appear on the Explore page. Updated By and Created On are not checked so they are not displayed on the Explore page.
To rearrange columns, click a column heading and drag it to a different location.