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This release includes the following enhancements to transformations.

Data Masking transformation

This release includes the following enhancements to Data Masking transformations:
Dependent masking
You can apply the Dependent masking technique on source columns. Dependent masking uses custom dictionary values from a dictionary that you use to mask another column in the source data.
Seed value parameter
You can enter the seed value in masking rules as a parameter.
Advanced email masking
You can use the Advanced email masking rule to mask email addresses in source data with realistic data instead of random ASCII characters.
Lookup condition in custom substitution rules
You can configure a lookup condition in a custom substitution rule. If the values specified in the lookup condition match, the rule replaces the source field with the dictionary value. You can specify a default value to replace the source data if there is no match.
For more information about the Data Masking transformation, see Transformations.

Lookup transformation

When you configure a Lookup transformation with a dynamic lookup cache, you can create a generated key for a field in the target object.
If the lookup object contains a field that is based on a generated sequence, you can use the Sequence-ID field to generate new sequence ID values. Data Integration automatically detects the existing range of sequence values in the field to generate new sequence IDs.
For more information about the Lookup transformation, see Transformations.