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Preparing for the upgrade

The Secure Agent upgrades the first time that you access Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services after the upgrade.
Files that you added to the following directory are preserved after the upgrade:
<Secure Agent installation directory>/apps/Data_Integration_Server/ext/deploy_to_main/bin/rdtm-extra
Perform the following steps to ensure that the Secure Agent is ready for the upgrade:
  1. 1. Ensure that each Secure Agent machine has sufficient disk space available for upgrade.
  2. The machine must have 5 GB free space or the amount of disk space calculated using the following formula, whichever is greatest:
    Minimum required free space = 3 * (size of current Secure Agent installation directory - space used for logs directory)
  3. 2. Close all applications and open files to avoid file lock issues, for example: