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Known Limitations

The following table describes the known limitations in the Spring 2020 April release of Application Integration:
After you create a process object by importing a WSDL, XSD, or Swagger file, the references to other auto-generated process objects within the parent auto-generated process object are not available and the parent process object becomes invalid.
Workaround: Refresh the Process Objects Designer to update the references.
When an asset for which the Override API Name option is enabled is exported and imported by overwriting an existing asset, the value of the Override API Name option is not retained for the imported asset.
Salesforce connections to Salesforce organizations that use the Salesforce managed package version 1.25 do not display the labels for the following Salesforce objects:
  • - AuthorizationForm
  • - AuthorizationFormConsent
  • - AuthorizationFormDataUse
  • - AuthorizationFormText
  • - EnhancedLetterhead
If a process uses the Run Cloud Task system service and you edit the task name specified as content to use a formula, the process fails.
If you export a process that references a process object and import it into another organization, the process no longer references the process object.
When you validate the process, you see the following Start step error:
Field "<FieldName>" references to unknown Process Object: "<ProcessObjectName>".
Workaround: Perform the following steps:
  1. 1. Save the process and log out of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services℠.
  2. 2. Log in to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services and select theApplication Integration service.
  3. 3. Open and validate the process.
You see that the validation error no longer appears.
In a process, if you use a Salesforce connection that does not have the suffix 'Salesforce', you do not see a Salesforce OBM URL.
Workaround: Suffix all Salesforce connection names with the term 'Salesforce'. For example, name the connection 'AccountDetails-Salesforce' or 'TestSalesforce.'
The Swagger URL for an OData-enabled Salesforce connection does not work and gives an error.