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File Connector Overview

The File Connector provides connectivity between Application Integration and file systems so you can monitor file systems for new files, move files, read and write content from files, and select options to handle processed files. You might use the File Connector, for example, to write log files needed as part of a larger integration, or to monitor a file system for new .csv files, read the delimited content from the files, and use the generated XML in a set of process objects.
When you create event sources and event targets with the File Connector, the Process Designer also generates a set of process objects you can access to obtain file information, such as the number of records or file size.
The File Connector runs on an Informatica Secure Agent.
This guide assumes you are familiar with Process Designer, process objects, and the options available for any file systems you want to work with.

File Connector Capabilities

The File Connector allow you to read and write file content, including text, delimited file content, XML and JSON. Using one of the configurable event sources or event targets, you can: