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Custom Object Fields Output

Note: Applicable only to Delimited Content Parser and Fixed Width Content Parser
If you specify custom object fields:
For example, to process this .csv file, you might specify custom object fields with the header names "Age, Born, User Name, Salary":
Age,Born,User Name
22,1987,Bob Smith
45,1999,Bill White
In this case, the results appear similar to the following example. The <Salary> element is empty because it was specified as a custom object field but the source file did not contain the "Salary" header:
<!-- for FTP/SFTP only -->

<lastModified> 2015-04-29T14:37:35.448Z </lastModified>
<name> users </name>
<path>/DataFiles/users.csv </path>
<fullName> users.csv </fullName>
<ext> csv </ext>
<size> 78 </size>
<Age> 22 </Age>
<Born> 1987 </Born>
<User_Name> Bob Smith </User_Name>
<Age> 45 </Age>
<Born> 1999 </Born>
<User_Name> Bill White </User_Name>