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Built-In Process Object Output

Note: Applicable only to Delimited Content Parser and Fixed Width Content Parser
When you choose the built-in process objects with delimited content and fixed width files, the output is represented in a DelimitedContent process object. For example, if you process a simple .csv file with several records, you might read a file similar to this:
User Name,Age,Born
Bob Smith,22,1987
Bill White,45,1999
Based on this .csv file, the file contents are represented with the header name and value for each field. The process object includes file information about the source file, list of header objects, list of records and total row count.
Note: If you work in spilt rows mode, the file is divided into separate rows and for each row Process Designer produces a DelimitedContent process objects with headers and one record.
<!-- for FTP/SFTP only -->

<name>User Name</name>
<field><value>Bob Smith</value></field>
<field><value>Bill White</value></field>