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Basic Event Source Properties

For each connection that you configure, you can add one or more event sources. An event source serves as a start event that listens or monitors a specified location for new files or messages. After you define an event source for a connection, you can publish the connection only on a Secure Agent. You can then access the event source in a process and deploy the process only on a Secure Agent to consume the process objects generated by the event source downstream.
To create event sources for the connection, from the Event Sources tab, click Add Event Source. Choose the event source type from the available list.
The following table describes the event source properties available for all event source types:
Required. Unique name for the event source.
Optional. Description for the event source.
Select Yes to make the event source available immediately after it is published.
Select No to disable the event source until you are ready to use it.
Default is Yes.