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Basic Connection Properties

The following table describes the basic properties that you can configure on the Properties tab of the connection creation page:
Required. Unique name for the Address Verification Service connection that identifies it in the Process Designer.
The name must start with an alphabet and can contain only alphabets, numbers, or hyphens (-).
Optional. The location of the project or folder where you want to save the connection. Click Browse to select a location.
If the Explore page is currently active and a project or folder is selected, the default location for the connection is the selected project or folder. Otherwise, the default location is the location of the most recently saved asset.
Optional. Description of the connection.
Required. The type of connection that you want to use for the connector or service connector.
Select Informatica Address Verification Service (Licensed for use).
Run On
Required. The Cloud Server, Secure Agent group, or the Secure Agent machine where the connection must run.
Connection Test
Not supported for Informatica Address Verification Service Connector.
Not supported for Informatica Address Verification Service Connector.
After you configure the basic properties, you must also define the properties applicable to Informatica Address Verification Service Connector.