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Step 5: Invoke the Process

Use a REST client to invoke the process service URL. For example, you can use the Postman REST client.
    1. In Application Integration, click Actions > Properties next to the process.
    You can do this from Process Designer or from the Explore page.
    The Properties for Print Input Message window appears.
    This image shows the Service URL and SOAP Service URL for the process.
    2. Copy the Service URL.
    3. Open a REST client.
    4. Configure the following properties:
    1. a. Change the verb to POST.
    2. b. Paste the process service URL that you copied in the URL field.
    3. c. Set the authorization type to No Auth.
    4. d. Set the content type to Application/JSON.
    5. e. Under Body, enter Input as a key and Hello, World. This is my output. as a value.
    5. Click Send.
    You see the following response: {"Output":"Hello, World. This is my output."}
This image shows the REST client used to invoke the process service URL. You see the URL and the output.