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    New hotfix model - FAQs



      Frequently Asked Questions



      What are Hotfixes?

      Hotfixes are sets of critical updates which Informatica recommends for all customers.  Hotfixes have the following key characteristics:


      • Predictable: PowerCenter and Metadata Manager Hotfixes will be released monthly on the first business day of the month. Due to low issue volume, PowerExchange Hotfixes will be delivered as needed.

      • Cumulative: For example, Hotfix 3 will contain all updates included in Hotfix 2 and Hotfix 2 will contain all updates included in Hotfix 1

      • Rigorously tested: Hotfixes undergo substantial testing in order to ensure quality, ease of use, and compatibility

      • Full platform support: All platforms supported by the base release will be supported by each Hotfix





      Which Informatica products will have Hotfix releases?

      Initially, PowerCenter (PC server, PC clients, Metadata Manager) and PowerExchange will have Hotfix releases.



      How are the new Hotfixes different from the old PowerExchange "hotfixes?"

      Previously, PowerCenter and PowerExchange used slightly different terminology for their patch delivery.  A PowerCenter Emergency Bug Fix (EBF) was roughly equivalent to a PowerExchange "hotfix" in that both were designed to be point fixes for specific issues.  Going forward, PowerCenter and PowerExchange will use the same terminology.   Individual patches will be called EBFs.  EBFs will be rolled into patch sets called Hotfixes.



      What is the advantage of the Hotfix model?

      The Hotfix model satisfies an important set of needs for Informatica's customers.  Previously, the only options available to customers for receiving critical updates were lightly tested patches created for specific issues or more heavily tested Service Packs covering a very broad set of issues.  The delivery timing of these options could vary by several months.  With the Hotfix model, customers are able to receive a well-tested set of the most critical updates on a predictable and frequent basis.



      What platforms will be supported?

      Hotfixes will be made available on all platforms supported by the base release.  For example, PowerCenter 8.6 Hotfix 1 will support the same platforms as the original PowerCenter 8.6 release.



      Will Informatica still create PowerCenter Emergency Bug Fixes (EBFs)?

      EBFs are software patches delivered to customers as needed in order to resolve production-down problems.  EBFs may be specific to a particular customer, configuration, platform, or use case.  Informatica intends to severely curtail the delivery of PowerCenter EBFs in favor of the Hotfix model. 

      Due to the amount of overhead required to deliver EBFs to individual customers and the length of time necessary for the delivery of each, individual EBF, customers will be better off waiting for patches to be delivered via Hotfix.  Hotfixes will be better tested and, in most cases, customers will be able to receive a Hotfix in the same amount of time that they would have received an EBF under the old model.



      Will Informatica still release service packs?

      From time to time, Informatica may release Service Packs.  In these cases, Service Packs will build upon the latest Hotfix release.  Minor features may be added in Service Packs.  Due to the larger scope of these releases, additional testing may be performed.



      How will Hotfixes be installed?

      All Hotfixes will include a simple installer.  Customers may, from time to time, be required to perform manual steps during the installation; however, the goal is to automate the process as much as possible.



      Can Hotfixes be rolled-back?

      PowerCenter Hotfixes can be rolled-back.  Uninstalling a PowerCenter Hotfix will restore the original version and configuration which existed immediately before applying the Hotfix.  PowerExchange Hotfixes cannot be rolled-back once they are installed.



      Can Hotfix releases be skipped?

      Yes, Hotfixes can be skipped.   For example, you will be able to install Hotfix 3 on top of Hotfix 1.  Since Hotfixes are cumulative, you will not need to install Hotfix 2 before installing Hotfix 3.



      Do I need to upgrade my clients when I install the PowerCenter Hotfix?

      Informatica recommends that customers apply client Hotfixes when available, however, PowerCenter Hotfixes are intended to be compatible with older versions of the PowerCenter client tools within the same release family.  For example, the 8.6 Designer will be compatible with PowerCenter 8.6 Hotfix 1, Hotfix 2, and so forth.



      From time to time, there may be situations where both the server and client need to be updated in order to fully resolve an issue.  When these situations occur, the client upgrade requirement will be documented with the Hotfix release.



      How can I find out which PowerCenter Hotfix version I have installed?

      PowerCenter log files will contain the Hotfix version.  PowerCenter command line utilities will also report the full product version including the Hotfix number.



      Who do I contact if I have questions?

      Please contact Informatica Global Customer Support via the support portal.



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          It would be nice to be able to apply HOTFIX to ONLY the MM Service.  For the most part, it is hard for clients to keep up with hotfix releases because of the life cycle process (i.e. testing, deployment, etc.).  I hope that future releases will have instructions (scipts/xml imports) to apply the hotfix to only Metadata Manager.


          Thank you

          Bhavisha Patel

          Informatica Professional Services