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    Export the details of Active Directory Users

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      Hi All,


      Can you please suggest how to extract the details of users from Active directory from Unix server.


      In windows it was done by


      csvde.exe -f "C:\Test\AD_Extract.txt" -s xy1.xy.ad.com -l "dn,objectClass,cn,sn,c,l,st,street,title,description,postalCode,telephoneNumber,givenName,displayName,co,department,company,physicalDeliveryOfficeName,msExchAssistantName,proxyAddresses,streetAddress,extensionAttribute9,msExchAssistantName,mailNickname,employeeNumber,name,countryCode,sAMAccountName,division,mail,mobile" -r "(&(objectClass=user))" -u -n.



      This utility will extract the data from Active directory and save it .txt comma seprated format.




      In Unix i have Qwest software installed and through vastool i am trying to extract the same thing.


      But here i am doing following steps 


      1.) i have to run vastool list users to get the list of users.

      2.) then for each users i have to run vastool attrs -u username to get the details


      It is taking almost 2 hours to fetch the deatils of 4-5 lakhs records and also has to made a script to get the data in correct format.



      In windows through csvde it was taking only 10 minutes.




      Can anyone please suggest how to go through this in Unix.