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    Trouble in workflow connecting to Informix DB

    Jared Masterson Active Member

      Hi, all,

      I am working on installing Informatica 9.5.0 in our dev environment.  I have everything up and running, but I am having an issue getting my first workflow to succeed.  I created a simple pass-through mapping, and created a workflow to execute it.  In my session, I am connecting to an Informix database as my source, and my target is a flat file.  Upon running the workflow, I get the following error after about 8 seconds.  From the session log:


      Database driver error... CMN_1022 [Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [ld.so.1: pmdtm: fatal: libpminf.so: open failed: No such file or directory]Database driver event...Error occurred loading library [libpminf.so]]


      I did a search for libpminf.so under $INFORMIXDIR on the gateway node and could not find it.  Is the issue my Informix installation?  I have a separate 8.6.1 installation that connects to this Informix database without error, and I don't see libpminf.so on that machine either.


      Any help is appreciated.