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    Executing workflow continously

    Arun Kumar Guru



      Any idea on how to execute a workflow continuously? I need to create a workflow that brings data from Oracle source to Oracle target table. Since source is getting updated in real time i need the workflow to execute continuously (not schedule continuously). I believe there are no straight forward mechanisms other than using PWX, which is not applicable in my case. I got one work around from market place, haven't implemented it -  Workflow: Running in loops


      Any other suggestions?



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          David Lopez Cruz Guru

          Hi Arun,

          I think you may schedule your workflow to run continuosly, so it's going to be executed again and again.

          Although in this case you need a mechanism to know that data in the source has not been treated yet.


          Please, let me know if that helps you in your case.




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            Arun Kumar Guru

            Hi David,


            Thanks for your response. Continuous scheduling will spawn out a new instance every time, which is difficult to maintain when we have to execute the job 24/7. I am looking at a single instance running continuously like a CDC workflow.



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              Nico Heinze Guru

              PowerCenter works in either of two execution modes, either in the "normal" batch mode or in real-time mode.

              Batch mode means you have some "standard" sources (relational, SAP tables/views, files, and the like) which are processed and then finished. This mode essentially reads some source data, processes it, and writes some target data.

              Real-Time Mode means you have some so-called real-time source (e.g. a MQ Series message queue, some SAP R/3 IDocs, PowerExchange for CDC, and quite a few more) which delivers data in unknown intervals.


              What you are asked to do is definitely a real-time requirement. Using batch-mode sessions and workflows is simply the wrong way to go here, that's all I can say. PowerExchange for CDC would probably be the best option. Or you program a Custom Transformation (programmed in C) to extract those real-time data somehow, then you can even use these data in a batch-mode session (something I've done for a customer in Germany 20 years ago, and that system still runs like hell). Or you program a Java transformation to get those data somehow.

              Regarding maintenance I can only advice you to get PowerExchange for CDC, everything else might easily become a nightmare. Just my experience, I don't get paid for these statements.


              That's all advice I can offer at this time.